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Intra-port forwarding

   Prime-Route provides forwarding services in international and domestic shipping in port, is carried out freight forwarding support of shipments from Europe, CIS, China, South-East and East Asia, and North America. We also carry out difficult projects of transportation through different ports of Europe, mixed with sea shipping and transportation by road.

   The complex of service for freight forwarding includes: organization of needed documents for cargo and transport, preparation of shipment, accompanying and commercial documents for customs clearance.

   Preparation for forwarding in the port begins before real arrival of ship with cargo. On this stage our specialists work with ship's agent, prepare for loading/unloading, placement of cargo in warehouse and also customs clearance.

  Our company provides freight forwarding in the port of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, and also provides a full range of service "turnkey", with importation and exportation of goods and subsequent delivery to the consignee in regions (for imports) and shipment abroad by sea (for exports).