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Cargo transportations all over Russia

Prime-Route offers a full range of service for organization of good’s delivery to any place of Russia. The company’s team will select for you the most advantageous and reliable route of transportation including all your preferences.

Russian automobile transport is more flexible and mass type of transport. It makes the most part of short interior transportation, delivers cargo to the railway station and hithe, and supplies it to the consumers. In the northern and eastern regions, where there are no almost other types of land transport, long interregional transportations are carried out by automobile transport.

We are cooperating on a regular basis with more than 30 companies (both owners of rolling stock and freight forwarders). Accordingly, depending on customer needs, it is always possible to provide for loading the necessary amount of trucks required type and volume.

Transportation by rail occupies an important place among the transportation over the Russian Federation.

Prime-Route organizes rail transportation of different goods, which are carried out in accordance with the applicable legal standards. Our company has direct contracts with big owners of fleet of cars, low-sided cars, platforms of containers and other types of railway rolling stock units. That fact doesn’t limit our company to choose the number of vehicles and also essentially reduces transportation costs. On the customer's request, we can organize additional services - forwarding, cargo security, tracking its location at any time. Our company quickly and professionally will carry out the rail transportation of different goods, including oversized cargo.

Prime-Route provides the following services for rail transportation:

  • Making convenient route that is optimal in time and financial terms;
  • Preparation of accompanying, permits and other documents;
  • Selecting the appropriate unit of rolling stock: transporter, platform, container, low-sided cars, which will be filed on term, which is prescribed by the contract, in needed quantity;
  • Making the scheme for securing cargo on the transport unit, indicating fixing elements (braces, timbers, wire, etc.) which is regulated by the applicable specifications;
  • Making loading with the necessary rigging equipment;
  • Cargo insurance.

Air transportation is one of the fastest transport, but sometimes is the only one way to deliver goods.

The main advantages:

  • The highest speed,
  • The highest safety,
  • Possibility of reaching of certain select areas.

Some disadvantages:

  • The high freight rates,
  • Dependence on weather conditions, which reduces the reliability of the supply schedule.

During the long time Prime-Route develops the range of service for delivery of consolidated loads by different types of transport to many Russian cities.

Depending on the weight and volume of cargo, and also terms of delivery, our company is ready to offer to deliver the goods within the delivery service of consolidated loads and small loads, or individual vehicles.

Consolidated load is any non-hazardous cargo, which weight is from 1 kg. Transportation of such cargo is carried out by truck, along with a cargo of other customers. LCL service includes warehouse processing, city delivery and warehouse storage.

Prime-Route delivers cargos for different Russian and European companies. Regardless of company’s size or type of cargo, we go with a great attention to every cargo, which was trusted to our company. 

Our company organizes transportation of oversized cargo by different types of transport:

  • By road;
  • By rail;
  • By sea;
  • By river.

If it is possible to deliver oversized cargo by road “door-to-door”, for this case is needed specialized trucks. It’s low loaders – trucks with open low-frame platform.

Rail transportation should be used when you want to carry oversized cargo on long and medium distances, and there are underground railway lines between organizations.

Shippings are essential in case of oversized goods’ transportation in large and small cabotage, especially to the following regions: the Far East, the Far North, Sakhalin, Okhotsk coast, Chukotka and Kamchatka.

River transport is essential in that regions, where there are no other types of transport, and also when you need to carry oversized transportation between points of production and consumption, which are located on the same river routes.